The First Photos

The First Photos
This is a picture of me taken the weekend before I started weight watchers. As you can guess I am the one on the right.

Saturday, 31 July 2010

A large kick up the backside

I have finally got fed up at playing around with this weight loss thing. I have given myself a large kick up the rear and re-started my weight loss journey. I have changed my weigh in day so that I feel I have a new aim to focus on and I am trying to give myself some new weight loss goals to aim at.

I am going away in September and I would like to get myself back down to 18st by the time I go. It has been a long time since I have been that weight and we are going somewhere where there is lots of beautiful scenery and I want to make the most of that and be able to go for long walks in the countryside without feeling really uncomfortable. I know it is a large task as I currently weigh 19st 5lbs but I also know that I tend to lose lots in my first few weeks.

I am trying to prepare myself for the hurdles that I know are approaching but also those which I am not. I am going for an important family meal on Friday and I know I am not going to point up my meal. But I am also determined to make sensible choices in the days leading up to that meal and after it. I also have a lunch out in August but so far that is all I need to plan for. I know that things will turn up which will make this hard but I also know that I can deal with them if I keep myself positive and adapt

I can and will do this. This is the last time I start WW but will be the first time I get to goal.

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