The First Photos

The First Photos
This is a picture of me taken the weekend before I started weight watchers. As you can guess I am the one on the right.

Sunday, 1 August 2010

New Challenges

Hello all my lovely followers.

Well I have managed to keep myself on track now for 3 days and that has been quite an achievement for me at the moment as I have fell off the wagon and let it disappear into the distance and that has been tha case for the last year really. But anyay now I am back on track I decided that I needed to join a WW challenge to keep me going and I have joined the 7000kcal challenge. This challenge basically means that I need to try and work off 7000Kcal in a month. Sounds painul I know.

Well, I have made a start, I got the Wii fit out and have just done a really good workout for the first time in ages. I worked out that to achieve my challenge this month I need to work off around 225Kcal every day, I am pleased to say that I have just worked off 287Kcal today so I am on my way.

I will keep you updated but would be very happy if any other 5+ to lose people wanted to join in as the challenge has lots of very fit and healthy people taking part and it scares me.

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