The First Photos

The First Photos
This is a picture of me taken the weekend before I started weight watchers. As you can guess I am the one on the right.

Monday, 2 August 2010

Oops I had my first slip

Oh well I suppose it had to happen at some time but I wasn't expecting it to be on my 4th day back on track. After my previous post yesterday I went and absolutely gorged myself, not a good idea this early on. On the upside I have been bacn track today and have managed to save a couple of points and I have also done another session on the wii fit. Used 290Kcal today so that is another step closer to the challenge of getting 7000Kcal of in a month.

I just need to draw line under yesterday and accept that it happened and get on with it. I am still hoping for a reasonable loss by the time that I get on the scales on Thursday. I am hoping that because it is my first week my body will be adjusting so much that my overeat won't show.

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